Our company

Our philosophy

Our company Eurochainbus.com, was founded with a vision and goal of quality travel transport to all the lengths and widths of Europe, at a time when the internet was under-functioning and the know-how of the work could be created only by design, extroversion, cooperation with tourist companies abroad to obtain information, as well as the skills of our selected drivers at the cognitive and technical level. As a result, we have been through the experiences and experiences of travel groups of different nationalities and established our position as a quality European Incoming Travel Transport and Services Partner. In our philosophy, it was the continuous investment and continuous modernization of our fleet, to provide our partners and their travelers with safety and quality transportation throughout Europe with the best standards

Our Fleet

Our group includes 20 state-of-the-art coaches.

Brand new 2021 Mercedes Benz Tourismo 51 seats
2020 Mercedes Benz Tourismo 51 seats
2019 Setra 515 hd 51 seats
2018 Setra 515 hd 51 seats
2017 Setra 515-6 hd 51+55 seats
2016 Mercedes Benz Tourismo 51 seats
2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 17+19 seats
2015 Mercedes Benz Tourismo 51 seats
2014 Setra 515 hd 51 seats


Our qualified team, which includes selected and experienced drivers, is ready to welcome your travel groups and to transport them safely and consistently to every corner of Europe. All our drivers handle the English language, something that is essential and important in order to communicate with your clients.

Our pricing policy is determined by the low-high season, the mileage of the requested tour and the duration of total travel plan. If you plan a trip earlier, we will have the opportunity to offer you better prices, this happens because we have the suitable time in order to plan our facilities.

There is a list of multi-year and satisfied B2B partners.

  • ISO 39001 road traffic
  • Covid certification
  • Assignment and trust from the major sponsor of the 2004 Olympic games, Coca Cola company in order to support the Transfer of the Olympic Flame to Greece by our company.

  • Assignment and trust from major ferry company Superfast Specials programs, which our company undertook the service ( hotel reservation, tour guides, tour programs, bus transportation) for all winter road trips of the company’s passengers in Greece.

  • Assignment for the transportation of all athletes for the Tae Kwon Do World Championship which held in 2008 in Athens.